Architecture without borders

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Impressive glazing in the form of glass roofs, walls and skylights underline the incredible elegance and modernity of the interior and the surroundings. Owing to this, it is possible to design a space in which borders are blurred, and access to light and nature becomes unlimited regardless of whether you are in a building or a room.

Such an open space makes people staying in it feel more comfortable, thus becoming more confident and open. Dedicated aluminium systems are characterised by high thermal insulation and resistance to atmospheric factors.

Fasady aluminium Budvar Centrum
Aesthetic appearance and lightness of profiles - modern design.
Adaptation of the structure to individual loads of snow, wind for a given location and place of assembly.
Resistance to corrosion and weather conditions.
Resistance to UV radiation.
The possibility of using large glass surfaces and thicknesses.
Durability of the material and paint coatings.
The ability to paint profiles in any RAL colour.
Kolory w fasadach z aluminium

Aluminium allows the use of the full spectrum of RAL colours in all systems and elements of the joinery. The multiplicity of visual and tactile stimuli affecting the senses: smooth, uniform surface, metallic colours, wood-like veneers, brushed metal, velvet anodising, allow for full design freedom.

Szklo w fasadach aluminiowych

In aluminium joinery systems, glazing packages of any thickness in the range of 6-80 mm can be used. One undoubted advantage is the ability to precisely match the glazing beads to the width of the selected glazing package.
In addition to the standard type of glazing, we can use special-purpose glass, e.g. safe, anti-burglary, sound-proofing, filtering, etc., as well as enamelled or reflective, allowing any colour of the glass.