Aluminum windows

Let the sky that surrounds it into your home

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Aluminium windows are a perfect solution in the design of modern living spaces with large glazed areas. Owing to this, your home is optically expanded, while the border between the interior and the exterior becomes thinner.

Another advantage is the large amount of daylight, which has a beneficial effect on our well-being and comfort of life.
The combination of discreet stylistics of aluminium windows with their strength and technology gives a unique effect and fits anyone’s individual needs.

A variety of functions, tailored to the needs of their users, such as 1- and 2-leaf windows and balcony doors, Monoblock constructions, renovation, movable post, which gives the construction slenderness and lightness.
Profiles designed for outer shutters are also available.
The profiles may be bent to produce arched windows.
Different aesthetic solutions, such as visible or hidden leaf, additional profile decoration.
1- or 2-leaf doors, opening outwards or inwards with available safety functions and access control.
Constructions adapted to different types of fittings, e.g. hinges hidden in windows, roller hinges in doors.
A large range of glazing and available insulators and accessories allow you to achieve the desired parameters.
Special constructions: with anti-burglary fittings, fire protection.
A wide range of colours - RAL palette.

Hidden hinges are completely invisible when the window leaf is closed. They increase aesthetics by hiding the mechanical elements necessary for window operation. Nothing interferes with the pure geometric form. Thanks to this, the windows get an uncompromising, elegant look and keeping them clean is even easier.

kolorystyka okien aluminiowych

The colour and texture of the window requires stylistically matching accessories. The shape and colour of the door handle, plus other accessories – it all form an aesthetically consistent unity. Quality in the smallest detail.


The hidden leaf system is the solution preferred by designers to “hide windows” in a uniform façade surface. Thanks to this function, we do not have to disturb the vertical and horizontal divisions in the building’s form.


In addition to standard window equipment, we can also apply solutions that meet the individual needs of customers.

The TiltFirst fitting is intended to ensure the safety of children by providing additional protection against accidental opening of the window by a toddler. The handle is equipped with a lock, which will not allow the window to be fully opened (but allows it to be tilted to air the room). The window may only be opened after the key is turned.


Aluminium allows for using different window frames depending on the assembly needs. The standard window frame is designed for installation in the wall opening.


Aluminium systems allow for adjusting windows and doors for renovation purposes. This function is enabled by an additional adaptive profile and the so-called “renovation fin” with the right width, which is always on the side of the internal structure.


We meet the assembly requirements, where the insulation layer is located on the inside of the building, which requires the use of a dedicated solution: MONOBLOCK. In this case, the window frame is modified and adapted to the thickness of the thermal insulation used.