T-Passive Indoor/Outdoor

T- Passive Indoor/ Outdoor

T- Passive is a door designed for small residential houses and multi-family buildings. Simple, classic design and a wide range of styles and colours allow you to adjust the appearance of the door to any architectural style of the building.

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Classic doors in a modern form

It has a rounded and slightly curved frame shape. The unusual construction of the door gives it a unique character. The doors are available in a wide range of models for any taste – both for fans of rich decorations and raw, minimalist designs.The highest level of aesthetics is ensured by the technology of invisible seams.

  • Unusual shape
  • Variety of designs
  • Invisible seams
Doors that open inwards or outwards.
Manufactured using the Titatium Technology, guaranteeing durability and stiffness of the product.
High quality materials - 100% PVC profiles without any lead additions.
Resistance of the profiles to extreme climatic conditions and the negative impact of solar radiation confirmed by a certificate for the S class.
The possibility of installing two key inserts.
Coloured doors with virtually invisible seam.*

*Standard version of white doors has a traditional seam.