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ALU Futural Slim is a solution that, thanks to its design shape, allows to cover windows made of aluminum and glass, which makes it a particularly popular solution for designers. The specially developed shape of the frame allows complete concealment of the window sash, so that it is not visible from the outside. The minimalist appearance of the window fits perfectly into the architecture of modern buildings, and the wide range of colors, including RAL colors, wood grains and anodized paints, allows customization to individual visual preferences.

In addition to their aesthetic qualities, ALU Futural Slim windows are characterized by good thermal and acoustic properties. The thermal break used in the windows provides adequate insulation and protects the rooms from heat loss. A solution designed in this way enables rational thermal management in the building.

Structures based on the Ecofutural OC system of Aliplast profiles.
65 mm deep frame.
Warm profile with thermal break.
Designs based on the concealed sash system - the specially designed shape of the frame conceals the entire sash and is not visible from the outside.
The available faceplate solution enables a narrow frame at the junction of the sashes - 77 mm on the outside and 86 mm on the inside - which increases the glazing area and brings even more daylight into the room.
Possibility of designing large constructions:
- maximum sash dimension: Width 1200 mm or height 2450 mm,
- maximum weight of a wing: 160 kg.

- maksymalny ciężar skrzydła: 160 kg.
The windows are equipped with anti-burglary devices as standard. They can also be retrofitted with additional safety equipment.
Possibility of balcony doors (also with a low aluminum threshold with a height of 20 mm).
Aluminum structures are extremely durable and resistant to external influences - they do not warp and are not susceptible to corrosion.
The aluminum from which Budvar products are made is completely ecological. The material is free from substances hazardous to the environment and people and can be fully recycled after use.

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