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A company, which sells PVC windows, is founded by Marek Trzciński.

Budvar Centrum S.A. company is created which opens a network of windows selling points.



Budvar Centrum S. A. opens a factory where it starts production of PVC windows.

March, 12th Budvar Centrum S.A. received an accredited quality certification in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000 norm

2007 marzec

maj 2007

In May, the company makes its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, becoming a stock-listed company.

In September the company introduced an innovative product – PVC windows produced from materials not containing lead.

 2007 wrzesień


The company signs the first franchise contract, which is the beginning point for the development of franchise network all around the country.


The factory in Zduńska Wola begins production of aluminum windows.




Window profiles from full-quality 100% PVC are introduced to the offer.


BUDVAR Centrum starts a modern production line for wooden windows.




Great expansion to foreign markets.

The company begins export of windows to: Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Spain and Belgium.


Offer of the company has been extended by the most advanced profiles in the marked produced by CKM Extrusion company.




Inserting windows into the offer with almost invisible weld, made in Titanium Technology.


Extension of the family of profiles T-Passive: Plus, Classic, Forte, Slim, InDoor/ OutDoor.



Opening the production of innovative systems: T-Energy i T-Slide.