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A terrace connected to the living room or another room, such as the dining room or kitchen, is an increasingly common architectural solution. As we take care of its green arrangement, open up and look for additional space, the terrace is again a very important part of our houses and flats.

Patio doors

The clear boundary between the outdoor terrace and the living area is a thing of the past. This is why the design of both the interior and the terrace is so important. The connection between the two should be seamless and in no way restrict the freedom of the occupants. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to choose the right transition system between these two zones in our space. The decision seems a difficult one, as it involves an investment of many years or even decades. A solution is required that is characterised by high quality, durability, safety and, of course, a timeless, elegant appearance. To meet all these requirements, it is worth choosing the T-Slide HST sliding door from Budvar. With them, the terrace and the living room will harmonise.

Titanium Technology – a door that lasts for years

T-Slide patio doors are manufactured using Titanium Technology. As a result, the door has increased strength parameters, as confirmed by the S-Class Certificate. T-Slide profiles are characterised by exceptional thermal performance, high rigidity, high surface resistance and high gloss. The quality and durability of T-Slide doors is confirmed by an extended warranty, and Budvar’s professional installation services ensure complete satisfaction with your choice.

“No” to high thresholds

Walking in front of doorways often results in tripping and sometimes even falling. High thresholds are to blame for such situations. Is it necessary to walk over it, or rather through it? At Budvar , we answer: “no”. T-Slide HST patio doors have been fitted with a low threshold to avoid tripping when passing through. No more situations of losing one’s balance and dropping drinks carried on a tray. From now on, adults and children can cross the house-terrace boundary safely.

Best Close system for convenient closing

Massive patio doors are associated with opening and closing that requires effort. T-Slide HST contradicts this stereotype. All thanks to the use of the special Best Close self-closing system. With it, sliding and closing the door requires no force and is extremely smooth. What’s more, Best Close is a safety-enhancing solution, as it eliminates the likelihood of a person or pet being caught while closing.

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