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Windows in the living room

The living room is a place that should be the pride of every household. This is where we receive guests and, in keeping with tradition, we want to welcome them in the best possible way, taking care, among other things, of their comfort.

There is no living room without windows. Its arrangement requires consideration of all the functions that a representative space of the house should fulfil. The living room is a place for social and family gatherings. It is also an area where we can relax and enjoy entertainment such as TV, films, books… Complete comfort is fostered by a feeling of safety and convenience. In windows for the living room this will be ensured by the use of additional solutions. These include, e.g. opening brake, multi-stage tilt, low threshold in terrace doors and anti-burglary systems. When choosing windows for your living room, it is worth remembering that this is an investment for decades. Therefore, regardless of whether you opt for wooden windows in the living room or choose those made of PVC or aluminium, nobody should sacrifice high quality. This can be guaranteed by the use of the best materials in the production of windows and their professional installation.

Cosy and quiet

A comfortable living room is one that is bright and free of noise and one that guarantees an ideal temperature, regardless of the conditions outside the window. The window joinery has a huge impact on the degree of soundproofing and thermal insulation in the room. Thanks to MD windows, which feature the innovative third seal, every living room becomes a sanctuary of silence and thermal comfort. And external blinds, tailored to individual needs, will achieve even greater satisfaction.

For your security

How do you protect your home from theft? The most common way burglars get into homes is by breaching balcony doors and windows. How can you guard against this? Simply choose windows with a high level of burglary protection. The use of anti-burglary fittings, anti-burglary glass, keyed handles or reed switches (alarm sensors) – these are ways of ensuring the highest level of security for homeowners.

Living room open to the world

The modern living room is a space that should not be limited by anything. Combining the living room with a balcony, terrace or garden will create an extraordinary atmosphere and even better conditions for relaxation. To achieve this effect, the T-Slide HST terrace doors from Budvar  are the best choice. T-Slide HST has concealed hardware, with the only distinct element being the elegant handle. The low threshold eliminates the risk of tripping when passing through. Thanks to the Best Close self-closing system, using the door is completely comfortable: quiet, safe and extremely convenient.

More light

No lighting system can replace the beneficial effects of sunlight. It manages our biological clock and promotes our health. Therefore, light cannot be lacking in any living room. Budvar offers its customers the first system on the market that provides 27 % more light in a room. All thanks to the increased glazing area of T-Classic Slim windows. With Budvar windows, every living room will be full of light.

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