Aluminum doors

A showcase of your home, style and personality.

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Our home is our refuge, a place where we feel safe and comfortable. It is also our private space that expresses the personality, style and character of the owner. The entrance door to the house therefore has a unique function. It is not only a characteristic showcase of our home space, but above all a guardian of our security and everyday comfort. The right choice of door must be characterised by exceptional quality, durability and high-quality materials.

Aluminium systems designed for panel doors are available in a wide variety of patterns and colours of the filling panels. Thanks to our use of modern technical solutions, panel doors can be not only a functional and durable entrance to your home, but above all, its showcase and decoration.

Modern design - a variety of aesthetic solutions (patterns, colours).
Design options for doors with transoms (side, top).
Available panel thicknesses: for overlay door up to 90 mm, for inset doors 24-70 mm.
Very good insulation, acoustic and tightness parameters.
A wide range of accessories - handles, railings.
Various types of hinges - surface, roller and concealed.
Various types of locks - 1, 3, 5-point with various equipment options.
Security and access control solutions - (smart home - fingerprint reader, code keypad, magnetic cards and key fobs).
A wide range of colours - RAL palette.
Drzwi aluminiowe z opcją naświetla

Let the light into your home. Choose a fanlight, which forms a whole with the door. Aluminium gives you flexibility in configuring the positioning of the fanlight.

Zasuwnice w drzwiach aluminiowych

This is a very important structural element responsible for safety – proper door leaf bolting. We use 3-point bolts as standard, 5-point ones for demanding customers. The advantage of multi-point bolts is better sealing as compared to 1-point bolts. Depending on the client’s needs, we offer tongue bolts (standard), hook bolts, as well as solutions that fit their access control needs (equipped with an electric catch with a day-night switch).