Window tips

T-Perfekt. With energy-efficient homes in mind

The T-Perfekt window is equipped with with a 3-stage sealing level, thus retaining heat in the home, providing high thermal comfort

Adjust windows and doors to your needs

Titanium Technology

Titanium Technology profi les are characterized by excellent technical parameters – unique thermal properti es, high sti ff ness, extraordinary gloss and high resistance surface.
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Invisible Welding

Thanks to modern technology we are able to produce high quality windows with unparalleled aestheti cs – with almost invisible welds.
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Third Gasket

To obtain even better thermal and acoustic insulation parameters we offer an additional third gasket. It is enough to insert a special profile designed for this into the frame. Decide yourself what window you want to have.
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Windows without lead

We work in harmony with nature. Ecology is a priority. This is the reason why our windows do not contain lead. We do not pollute the environment – all our waste goes for recycling.
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