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Tradition of over 30 years of experience on the Polish market.

BUDVAR Centrum – an expert in manufacturing windows!

We are a Polish company that has become the European leader in the production of PVC and aluminium windows and doors. Our position on the market is the result of twenty-five years of production experience, careful monitoring of our customers’ needs, constantly improving offer and the implementation of innovations. We offer our customers modern solutions in the field of joinery, which serve exceptional comfort, safety, and ergonomics of using our windows and doors in every house, apartment or public building. The Budvar Centrum products are as spot-on response to the expectations of customers who appreciate the combination of aesthetics and functionality in modern windows and doors.

The widest window offer on the market

Our company systematically extends the product offer. It includes PVC windows, wooden and aluminium windows, as well as PVC, wooden and aluminium doors. We also offer accessories that increase the comfort of windows and doors, including: window sills, external blinds and diffusers. We remember that our customers appreciate the rich colours of window profiles and the variety of fittings. We provide professional advice to all customers, the ability to tailor products to individual needs, and assembly. The highest technical standards and full comfort of use of our windows and doors are ensured by a quality guarantee extended to 15 years.

Modernity, Quality, Innovation

Budvar Centrum has one of the most advanced and automated window factories on the European market. All production is carried out in a 23,000 m2 production plant in Zduńska Wola, currently employing over 300 employees. Our factory is able to produce 2000 window units a day.