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Aluminium patio doors ALU Easy Slide RENO

Light weight and freedom of design

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  • RAL 7016

    RAL 7016

  • RAL 8024

    RAL 8024

  • RAL 7045

    RAL 7045

  • RAL 7035

    RAL 7035

  • RAL 8019

    RAL 8019

  • RAL 9006

    RAL 9006

  • RAL 9005

    RAL 9005

  • RAL 9016

    RAL 9016

Unlimited design freedom

ALU Easy Slide RENO is a light and functional terrace solution. The doors allow sliding structures to be created on 2-, 3- and 4-track frames, providing a high degree of design flexibility. They are also available in the Galandage option, which allows the sliding sashes to be completely hidden in the walls of a building, creating a feeling of unlimited space.

Sliding doors with renovation frames can be installed in old wooden door frames without removing them and are therefore a particularly recommended solution when modernizing historic buildings. The renovation frame covers the unevenness around the installed door, eliminating the need for plastering.

ALU Easy Slide RENO sliding door is characterized by its very slim and modern design. The wide range of colors makes it possible to perfectly match the appearance to the building structure. Doors are available in colors from the RAL palette in 3 finishing options (matte, textured and gloss), imitation wood such as golden oak, pine or walnut, and anodized colors.