Drzwi techniczne AJTO_kolor_bellagio brown
Drzwi techniczne
Coal Grey Smooth
Coal Grey Smooth
Coal Grey Structural
Coal Grey Structural
Bellagio Brown
Bellagio Classic
bellagio dark
Bellagio Dark
biała okleina
Crystal white
Cream White
Cream white
Smoked Oak
Brown oak
Dark green
Brown Oak
Smoked oak
Stripe Pine
Stripe pine
Frost Grey
Frost Grey
Pale grey
Pale grey
Polish Pine
Polish pine
Silver Cloud
Silver Cloud
Silver Slate
Silver Slate
Silver Light
Southern Oak
Stucco Oak
Quartz Grey
Quartz grey
Vintage Pine
Solar Oak
Solar oak
Strzałka Strzałka

Doors for special tasks

T- Ajto

The T- Ajto technical door is the perfect solution that will work at home as a utility door, as well as in administrative, commercial and industrial facilities.

It has a rounded and slightly curved frame shape. The unusual construction of the door gives it a unique character. The highest level of aesthetics is ensured by the technology of invisible seams.

  • Unusual shape
  • Invisible seams
Doors that open inwards or outwards.
Manufactured using the Titatium Technology, guaranteeing durability and stiffness of the product.
High quality materials - 100% PVC profiles without any lead additions.
Resistance of the profiles to extreme climatic conditions and the negative impact of solar radiation confirmed by a certificate for the S class.
Two-stage sealing system: two gaskets as standard.
The possibility of using one lock insert.
Coloured doors with virtually invisible seam*

*Standard version of white doors has a traditional seam.