T-Door Tech Side Doors

Crystal White
Crystal White
Cream White
Cream White
Solar Oak
Quartz Grey
Quartz Grey
Coal Grey Smooth
Coal Grey Smooth
Coal Grey Structural
Coal Grey Structural
Black Smooth
Black Smooth
Vintage Pine
Polish Pine
woodec turner oak toffee_Budvar
Woodec Turner Oak Toffee
Woodec turner oak malt
asteroid basalt
Asteroid Basalt
Norman Oak
Sheffield oak light
Stripe Pine
Charcoal Brown
Charcoal Brown
carbone oak_Budvar
Carbone Oak
Strzałka Strzałka

Doors for special tasks

T-Door Tech doors are designed for rooms where functionality is paramount.
This inexpensive and simple design is suitable for residential use as a side door, as a universal exterior door for the boiler room, utility room or basement, as an additional side door to the garage or as a transition door between the garage and the house, and in administrative, commercial and industrial construction as a workshop and service door.

Best fit

T-Door Tech is a plastic side door made of high-quality PVC using technology developed by Titatnium, which guarantees the durability and rigidity of the product.
The configuration options of the side doors ensure that they are fully adapted to the room in which they are used. They are available with a glass pane or a solid smooth panel in a wide range of colors that match the window color palette. In this way, regardless of its function, the side door fits perfectly into the entire building and harmoniously blends with the other elements of the windows.

Simple construction of side doors with frames

T-Door Tech doors are available as IN – inward opening side doors, with standard or renovation frames. They are equipped with multi-lock door latch and three seals that protect the room from heat loss.

1. T-Door Tech IN inward opening door, available in two versions: with T-EASY panel (smooth panel) or glass panel, with a low rebate of 141 mm, based on an 82 mm deep profile. They have a visible separation between the sash frame and the door panel on both sides of the door.
2. Security: technical doors with multipoint locking, optionally with key or handle control
3. Operation with the door handle or key

• with the handle - tight closing of the side door is possible by moving the door handle upwards. To prevent the door from being opened, the key must be turned in the lock.

• with the key - the locking elements (supplement and main lock) lock and unlock after turning the key twice in the main lock.
4. Fittings: The doors for technical rooms are equipped with a classic handle
5. Low aluminum threshold with interruption of the thermal bridge ensures free passage without trip hazards and prevents excessive heat loss from the house.
6. Frame type for technical doors: Standard or renovation frame (65 mm renovation frame with cutting option)
7. Hinges: Surface hinges STANDARD 80 (for standard frames) and roller hinges DYNAMIC 130 (for renovation frames)