30 years of experience in the production of windows

BUDVAR – windows more lasting than others

We are a Polish company specializing in the production of PVC and aluminium windows and doors. With nearly 30 years of experience, we decided to manufacture our window profiles ourselves to ensure quality from the very beginning. Thanks to this, we equip houses with windows and doors of unprecedented durability, aesthetics and functionality.

Top quality without any compromises

Having full control over the production of our windows and doors from the very beginning, we create products based on innovative solutions that guarantee high quality for years. Profiles for our windows and doors are manufactured using the modern Titanium Technology, in which we use top quality PVC with an admixture of titanium. Thanks to the use of this technology, the profiles are characterised by high stiffness, high resistance to discolouration and the harmful effects of sunlight.

We manufacture responsibly and ecologically

From the very beginning of our company’s existence, we have placed great emphasis on environmental protection. Thus, for all windows and doors we manufacture, we have a certificate confirming that they do not contain any lead, cadmium or other heavy metal compounds. The presence of heavy metals is a common problem that pollutes our ecosystem. By choosing our windows, you can be sure that you contribute to the fact that the world around us is not poisoned by these harmful substances

You can rely on us.

We know that the purchase of windows and doors for your home is not an easy task, so we offer our knowledge and experience to this end. We currently employ approx. 400 people for whom work is a true passion, thanks to which we can offer you not only an exceptional quality product, but also professional advice.
In the “advice” tab, our specialists have prepared practical tips for choosing and maintaining windows that will help you find products that meet your needs.

Our strengths

Nearly 30 years of experience

Over a million of our windows illuminate the interiors of individual buildings, apartments and offices. Owners of our window joinery form a group of satisfied clients, both individual and business ones.

Own window profile

We manufacture our windows based on our own window profile, thanks to which we can assure quality throughout the entire production stage. In BUDVAR windows we use our own, unique solutions, therefore we can provide our clients with almost tailored products.

Proven quality

The quality of products is confirmed by certificates issued by independent institutions, including S class certificate, issued by the German institute SKZ – TeConA GmBH, guaranteeing resistance to extremely severe weather conditions and the negative influence of sunlight (tropical class).


We care about every detail. Thanks to the use of modern technology, we manufacture high-quality windows with unprecedented aesthetics – with almost invisible welds.

Thermal properties

To reduce heat loss in your home to a minimum, we have developed a proprietary third gasket system. Thanks to it, you will be able to seal your BUDVAR window even after its installation.


We work in accordance with nature. Ecology is a priority. That is why our windows are lead-free. We do not poison the environment – all our waste is recycled.