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PSK tilt and slide patio doors

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  • Woodec turner oak malt

    Woodec turner oak malt

  • Sheffield oak light

    Sheffield oak light

  • Coal Grey Smooth

    Coal Grey Smooth

  • Coal Grey Structural

    Coal Grey Structural

  • Crystal White

    Crystal White

  • Cream White

    Cream White

  • Brown Oak

    Brown Oak

  • Carbone Oak

    Carbone Oak

  • Black Smooth

    Black Smooth

  • Stripe Pine

    Stripe Pine

  • Norman Oak

    Norman Oak

  • Polish Pine

    Polish Pine

  • Solar Oak

    Solar Oak

  • Sapeli


  • Vintage Pine

    Vintage Pine

  • Woodec Turner Oak Toffee

    Woodec Turner Oak Toffee

  • Quartz grey

    Quartz grey

Perfect fit

PSK tilt and slide patio doors are an ideal alternative to traditional balcony doors. The opening system “tilt or slide” does not take up any space in the room as it moves parallel to the plane of the window, additionally thanks to the ventilation function in the tilt position it enables the creation of an optimal climate in the house.
For a perfect fit, PSK tilt and slide patio doors are available in two variants:

PSK-Manu patio doors
Closing the door requires a gentle – manual – pressure on the leaf before turning the handle.

PSK-Auto patio doors
To open or close a patio door, all you have to do is turn the handle. No additional force is required. This door variant also has greater design possibilities, allowing the PSK-Auto door to reach up to 4 m in width.

PSK patio sliding doors are perfectly matched to the design of the windows in the Budvar range and can complement each other, thanks to the possibility of choosing from seven available systems: T-Comfort, T-Classic, T-Classic Forte, T-Classic Plus, T-Perfect, T-Perfect Forte, T-Energy.
By choosing PSK tilt and slide patio doors built on window profiles, you can adapt the entire window joinery in your house to one visually coherent system.

Go to the windows page and read about the properties of the system you choose:

PSK based on T-COMFORT profile
PSK based on T-CLASSIC profile
PSK based on T-CLASSIC FORTE profile
PSK based on T-CLASSIC PLUS profile
PSK based on T-PERFECT profile
PSK based on T-PERFEKT FORTE profile
PSK based on T-ENERGY profile