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Properly selected window hardware allow to perfectly match the functionality of the windows and doors to the needs of users. See what solutions you can equip your window to ensure comfort and safety for years of using.


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Window hardware providing aesthetics

Hidden hinges – Multi Power window hardware is a solution that sets new standards in the window aesthetics. With attention to the smallest detail, the Multi Power window hardware allows you to completely hide the window hinges from the outside. The hinges are only visible after opening the window. Multi Power window hardware allows the windows to be opened to a maximum angle of 100 °.

The window hardware for safety

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Standard windows are equipped with one anti-theft striker, which provides basic protection.

Windows with higher resistance to burglary, with Security hardware, are equipped with anti-burglary strikers, and their number depends on the size of the window.

Windows with increased resistance to burglary, of type RC 1, are equipped with 4 anti-burglary strikers attached to steel reinforcements, which significantly increases the security of the woodwork. In addition, a special element made of hardened sheet metal is mounted between the espagnolette and the sash profile to prevent drilling. To further enhance security, we recommend choosing a handle with a key and burglar-proof glass.

Windows with the highest resistance to burglary, in the RC2 type, include as many as 8 anti-burglary strikers attached to steel reinforcements, plus the aforementioned hardened sheet metal protecting the handle from being drilled. Such a solution significantly prolongs the potential break-in attempt and discourages the burglar from forcing the window. To further enhance security, we recommend choosing a handle with a key and burglar-proof glass.

MVS sensor

It is a window sensor connected to the alarm control panel in the building allows the alarm to be triggered if the window is tilted or opened by unauthorized persons. It is a great anti-burglary support. It is available in several variants:

  • Simplified reed switch mounted outside the window hardware – it works in case of unwanted opening or tilting the window.
  • Reed switch mounted in the window hardware circumference – it works when the window harware is set in motion.

Tilt First System

This is a solution designed for the safety of children and dedicated to children’s rooms. Thanks to a special mechanism like turning the handle in the window by 90 ° only allows sashes to tilt. To open the window you should use the key which is at the disposal of the adult.

The lock of the wrong position of the door handle

It protects the window sash from falling out of its hinges or hanging on the handle side when the handle position changes undesirably. It is particularly useful for ensuring the safety of the youngest window users.

The brake in the door handle

No more blocking the open window with a flower pot for fear of a sudden gust of wind. Thanks to the brake in the handle the opened window can be stably locked to the selected width by turning the handle 45 ° downwards.


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The Comfort window hardware

It is the handle of a special shape and size located at the bottom of the window. It allows convenient opening and closing of the window in a sitting position. It also works well in windows located at high altitudes.

The handle and the latch for balcony doors

It allows comfortable exit to the terrace without leaving the balcony door open behind. You can only close the door by grabbing the handle when you go out to the terrace or balcony. The door will open again with a slight push from the outside.

Multi-stage tilt

The solution allows you to lock the tilted window in one of five ventilation positions. Thanks to this, household members can adjust the intensity of airing rooms to the conditions prevailing outside the window. The tilt lock also protects the window against unwanted window closing caused by sudden wind gusts.


It is an invisible function in the window that allows constant micro-air exchange by leaving the window closed. To unseal the window you should turn the handle 45 degrees up from the horizontal position. In the micro ventilation window it will create a gap between the window frame and the sash and the air will start flowing from the outside.