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Aluminium entrance doors

Elegance and chic straight from Monaco or modern German minimalism? Embark on a journey through the most beautiful cities of Europe and discover aluminum doors that best fit your world.

Aluminum entrance doors

A modern aluminum door for your home is the most durable and secure solution that will make your house look like something out of the covers of interior design magazines. The great flexibility in the choice of colors and textures allows them to perfectly match the particular architectural style and other finishing elements of the building. Aluminum exterior doors are characterized by exceptional durability, rigidity, and weather resistance. In addition, the lightweight aluminum construction makes daily handling very convenient.

Aluminum front door for your home

Aluminum house entrance doors are a distinctive signboard for the entire building. The material from which they are built guarantees not only thermal and acoustic comfort but also the safety of residents. Modern aluminum entrance doors for single-family houses can be single-sash, single-sash with skylight, double-sash, with fillings or panels on one or both sides. The only limitation is your imagination.

A good choice for many years

Aluminum doors withstand all weather conditions such as snow, rain, wind, or hot sun. Thanks to their high resistance to temperature changes, your aluminum exterior doors will not lose their properties over time, and you will be able to enjoy their beautiful appearance every time you cross the threshold of your home.

The most secure solution – aluminum doors for your home

Budvar’s aluminum exterior doors also stand for the safety of living spaces. They are equipped with multi-point burglary protection class RC2. We use the highest quality aluminum for our doors and employ solutions that make aluminum exterior residential doors extremely strong, durable, and robust. They can also be easily equipped with other accessories from the extensive range.

Warm exterior doors can also be made of aluminum

Aluminum is a material that is not associated with heat, and therefore both aluminum windows and aluminum doors were not very popular with home builders. However, it is time to debunk this myth. Thanks to the use of multi-chamber profiles with heat-insulating spacers, the heat transfer coefficient of aluminum doors are now comparable to that of PVC doors. If you choose an aluminum entrance door, you do not have to worry about heat escaping from your home, resulting in higher heating costs.

Sound insulation for aluminum entrance doors

Your home is your oasis. It must be safe, warm, and cozy, but also quiet. Sound insulation is an important factor in choosing the ideal front door, including aluminum doors. The comfort resulting from the absence of unwanted noise from the outside cannot be overestimated. Especially if you work from home or just want to relax in blissful silence after a busy day.

Solid or glass doors made of aluminum?

This is not the only question you ask yourself when designing your dream aluminum exterior door for your home. The style and color must perfectly harmonize with the rest of the facade of the building. You can choose from a wide range of solutions from Budvar’s assortment. If you want an unobstructed view, choose glazed aluminum doors; if you prefer delicate and artistic solutions, opt for solid aluminum doors with geometric decorations, embossing, or milling. We also offer an almost unlimited range of colors from which you can choose to create your aluminum front door – the entire RAL color palette is available, whether matte, glossy, or textured, including imitation wood and anodized colors.

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