Window tips

PVC windows

Perfectly combining durability, functionality and aesthetics, providing warmth in your home.

Standard PVC windows

High-quality plastic PVC windows are distinguished by tightness and resistance to weather conditions. They also work well as modern windows to passive houses thanks to their excellent technical parameters.

Accessories to plastic windows

Check out the offer for parts to plastic windows and adjust your PVC windows using windows accessories.

Plastic window

PVC windows are a reliable solution for many years. They are characterized by resistance to weather conditions (such as wind, snow or rain) and high tightness. PVC windows are distinguished by good technical parameters, thanks to which they will work well as windows to passive houses. Thanks to the wide range of colors and the possibility of configuration according to the Customer’s preference, the plastic window perfectly fits with any architectural style, both classic and modern. The possibility of the adjustment is very diverse and allows you to ideally match the PVC windows to the character of the building by manufacturing windows in various shapes, including square, rectangular, as well as round and triangular window.

Bespoke PVC windows

Bespoke PVC windows are easy to clean and will perform both as a solution for small houses and multi-family buildings. Only basic accessories for plastic windows are required for care and cleaning. The price of PVC window is also a huge advantage – relatively low in comparison to windows made of another materials, such as wood and aluminum. We offer PVC windows to our customers made upon the individual order.

PVC profiles – Titanium Technology

As one of the few companies, we manufacture all PVC profiles ourselves, taking care of windows quality from the very beginning. Thanks to the application of the proprietary Titanium Technology, our profiles are distinguished by the perfect technical parameters – great thermal properties, high stiffness, unusual shine and high resistance of the surface to discoloration and the effects of sunlight. For the sake of natural environment, PVC profiles do not contain admixtures of lead, cadmium and other heavy metal compounds.

Third gasket in PVC window

We offer windows with three gaskets (MD System) or two gaskets (AD system) and windows with the possibility to further equip frame with 3 gasket (at any time, at the production stage or after window installation) by way of proprietary and innovative solution – a third gasket clip.

Window finishing – invisible welding

Thanks to the application of modern technology of invisible welding, we are able to manufacture windows of the excellent quality with unprecedented aesthetics. New weld is perfectly flat, and its strength is much more greater than that of standard welded joints. Seals in corners maintain their softness what increases protection and insulation against wind, noise and temperature differences.

Weather resistance – S class

PVC Budvar windows are modern plastic windows that are resistant to extremely severe weather conditions and negative influence of solar radiation confirmed by S class – issued by independent, German SKZ Institute – TeConA GmbH.