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Window accessories - Aluminium cap

Original window design.

A unique combination aluminium with PVC and wooden windows. The aluminium overlay totally changes the appearance of the window affecting its insulating and acoustic properties.

dom z oknami nakładki aluminiowe
okna z nakładkami aluminiowymi

The window with aluminium overlay is one of the most modern technologies used on the window’s market. This method is very popular in Western Europe and the Nordic countries. It is the combination of PVC with aluminium for most of the window’s types and wood with aluminium for wooden windows.

That kind of windows look very interesting and what is more, they have increased thermal insulation and acoustic properties . The aluminium overlay is installed on the outside of the window so we get the aluminium surface which is easy to clean and care.

The aluminum overlay is available in all colours from the RAL palette.

The advantages of aluminium overlays

  • the new appearance of the window from the outside thanks to the combination of two raw materials
  • increased profile’s wall thickness due to the aluminium overlay and the solid metal corners for higher window rigidity
  • thanks to the aluminium overlays the window has increased resistance to weather conditions

The list of dedicated windows and doors for aluminum overlays