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Aluminium balcony doors

Minimalism and durability that impress. Choose balcony doors that will be a design and functional addition to the aluminum doors and windows in your home.

Aluminum profiles

Modern aluminum balcony doors are synonymous with durability, functionality and good design. The extremely light and rigid aluminum profile makes it possible to construct large glazings that visually open up the space and guarantee plenty of daylight in the building. The balcony doors from our range are also characterized by good thermal and acoustic properties.

Are you looking for a different solution? We are able to manufacture any customized aluminum structure upon request. Contact us for an individual offer.

Accessories for aluminum balcony doors

Have you decided to install aluminum balcony doors? Find out about the offer of additional equipment that will allow you to better customize your aluminum balcony doors to your needs.

Aluminum balcony doors – choose durability

The choice of windows and doors for your home is an important investment for many years. It is not surprising that when choosing a particular solution, we want to be sure that it will serve its purpose for a long time and provide us with adequate insulation, safety, comfort of use, but also a beautiful, unchanging appearance. Aluminum balcony doors are a solution for customers who attach particular importance to high quality. The aluminum window profile, characterized by its extreme lightness and rigidity, allows to create large-scale and stable structures that retain their full properties over time. So, if you want to rely on the highest quality of premium windows, choose aluminum profiles for your windows and doors.

Balcony doors for the apartment, which retain heat

Until recently, aluminum was associated only with materials for public buildings, where thermal insulation was not the main criterion for the selection of windows and door profiles. Nowadays, aluminum balcony doors are also widely used in private construction, for example, in family houses. Budvar, as a manufacturer of aluminum balcony doors, offers increased thermal insulation, which, among other things, are equipped with a thermal break to ensure adequate thermal comfort in the room. Thus, in addition to their aesthetically pleasing, minimalist design, aluminum windows and doors are also characterized by their good thermal properties.

Color selection for aluminum balcony doors

A great advantage of aluminum profiles is their wide range of colors. Thanks to the possibility of using all the colors of the RAL color palette, aluminum balcony doors can be made from modern shades of gray and black, rich yellow and green, to muted shades of beige and white. Aluminum balcony doors can also imitate wood or concrete. There are many possibilities and you are limited only by our imagination. Decide for yourself which balcony door color best suits the design of your house.