Window tips

Aluminium windows

Aluminum profiles combine minimalist design with strength and technology to create a unique visual effect and allow them to be customized to meet the individual needs of homeowners.

Aluminum profiles

Aluminum windows are an excellent solution for the design of modern living spaces. The aluminum window profile is characterized by its durability and rigidity and allows the realization of large-area glazing, which is the domain of modern construction. They visually increase the living space and the boundary between the interior of the house and its exterior disappears.

Are you looking for a different solution? Upon request, we are able to manufacture any aluminum structure according to individual needs. Contact us for an individual offer.

Accessories for aluminum windows

Have you decided to install windows made of aluminum? Find out about the offer of additional equipment that will allow you to better customize your aluminum windows to your needs.

Aluminum or PVC windows?

The question that almost everyone who is about to buy windows for their house, is certainly like this: “Should I choose aluminum or PVC windows?” The answer is not clear and depends on the individual needs of future users. Aluminum windows, thanks to their rigidity and lightness, are ideal for buildings with large, modern glazing. Large aluminum windows let plenty of daylight into the house and open up the living space to its surroundings – be it the calming and enveloping nature or the vibrant city filled with color and light.

Plastic windows are a good choice for traditional construction, where the windows do not play such a large role in the construction of the structure. How else do PVC windows differ from aluminum windows? Certainly due to lower price – plastic windows are the most popular choice of builders who are looking for more cost-effective solutions.

Decide for yourself which windows are right for you – plastic or aluminum.

Advantages of aluminum windows

The main advantage of aluminum windows is their durability over time. The aluminum window profile is characterized by its extreme rigidity, because their aluminum profiles work perfectly for many years – they do not deform and do not change their appearance or properties. Budvar, as a manufacturer of windows and doors, offers modern aluminum windows with excellent thermal properties that compete with those of PVC windows. Contrary to popular belief, the new generation of aluminum profiles, in addition to its aesthetic qualities, provides excellent insulation and allows ecological heat management in the house.

Color selection for aluminum windows

Aluminum profiles in rich green or modern anthracite aluminum windows? The only limitation is your imagination! The material aluminum allows the use of the entire color palette, which is included, among others, in the RAL color chart. A variety of visual and tactile effects that appeal to the senses: smooth, uniform surfaces, metal colors, wood veneers, brushed metal, anodized that feels smooth, allow complete freedom in designing aluminum windows for your living space.

Aluminum windows for your house

In the past, aluminum profile windows were used in public buildings. But now we begin to appreciate their advantages, so that aluminum windows in their own homes are a sight that no longer surprises anyone. Modern aluminum windows stand for durability, warmth and a beautiful, minimalist design – so it’s no wonder that aluminum windows are becoming increasingly popular and are being used more and more in both private and investment construction.