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Accessories for your entrance door

Choose well-designed door accessories tailored to your individual preferences. Give your doors aesthetic design, comfort, and safety for many years of use.


Personalize your door with a selection of accessories to suit your needs.


Glazing is not associated with the standard filling of front doors, yet in this product category of the Budvar brand can be found, glazed exterior door models. The use of glass fragments brings more light inside and gives a new perspective to the surface. Glazing that can be used includes frosted, transparent, laminated, reflective, and ornamented glass, as well as glass mirrored on one side.

Door hardware is an important part of the appearance of a door and affects its installation and proper functioning. Some are for the security of the home, such as bolt locks, while others are more for the eye and enhance the design of the front door. Then some accessories take usability and functionality to a higher level, bringing the idea of a smart, remote-controlled home to life. However, for all these products to perform their functions and ensure safety, you should choose products of the highest quality, tailored to individual needs and requirements.

Handles and fittings

Choosing the right handles and latches for exterior doors is an informed decision because it affects the safety and design – not only the door but the entire building. If you choose a handle or a lever handle that corresponds exactly to our ideas, we can be sure that the finish of the door will meet your expectations. Among the numerous models of the Budvar range, there is certainly something for everyone, including from the point of view of safety.

Door bolt locks

The indispensable closing elements of exterior doors are espagnolette locks. They provide security for the house and the choice of the right mechanism can affect the comfort of use. Our product range includes multi-point hook and bolt closures that can be operated with a handle or a key. Some of them are additionally dedicated to exterior doors equipped with smart home solutions.