Collection of PVC Amsterdam doors

Collection of PVC Amsterdam Doors
The wealth of geometric embossing

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PVC Amsterdam external doors

Simplicity and minimalism in modern version. These words describe the unique collection of PVC Amsterdam external doors, inspired by the latest trends in architecture and construction. Each door model has been enriched with the original milling cutters in geometric shapes. Clients looking for an individual style will surely adjust the selected model to the character of building.

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Amsterdam PVC 1.1
Amsterdam PVC 1.2
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Amsterdam PVC 3.1
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Amsterdam PVC 4.1
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Amsterdam PVC 4.5
Amsterdam PVC 4.6

Match the colour

All doors from PVC Amsterdam collection are available in white color.

1. Available design variants:
* infill panel doors - with visible division into door leaf and panel on both sides of the door.
2. Security class - espag locks provide security on the level of the RC2 class.
3. Hardware - doors can be fitted with an elegant pull or lever handle from the outside. In the case of a pull, a key must be used to open the door from the outside.
4. Central locking - by turning the key in one lock, the door locks simultaneously at several locking points. Thanks to this feature there is no need to install additional locks.
5. Low aluminium threshold with a thermal break - ensures free passage without tripping and prevents excessive heat loss from the house.
6. Smart home - doors can be equipped with smart home solutions. Learn more
7. Security - available types of espag locks:
*6-point espag lock with automatic locking hooks and bolts for doors equipped with Smart home solutions - when closed, the door locks automatically at up to 5 points using the hooks and bolts and the main lock latch. This feature and installation of the pull from the outside ensure the door will protect your home even when it is not locked. Turning the key leads to locking the door at an additional 6th point. The espag lock can also have a day/night function that allows disabling the automatic locking of the door on closing.
*6-point espag lock with semi-automatic locking, hooks, and bolts - when closed, the door lock automatically at 3 points using the bolts and the main lock latch. A door equipped with a pull on the outside will protect your home without the use of a key. Turning the key to lock the door engages the hooks, a solid latch bolt, and extends the already engaged bolts further.
*6-point espag lock with manual locking, hooks, and bolts - door equipped with the pull locks automatically engaging only the latch of the main lock. In order to lock the door securely with hooks, bolts, and a solid latch bolt it is necessary to turn the key in the lock. The espag lock can also have a day/night function that allows disabling the automatic locking of the door on closing.
*lever-handle-operated 4-point espag lock with manual locking and hooks - door locks using hooks when the lever handle is lifted. Turning the key in the lock locks the lever handle, making the opening of the door impossible.
*lever-handle-operated 10-point espag lock with manual locking and hooks - when the handle is lifted, the door locks using the hooks and bolts which slide out from 4 lock bodies. Turning the key in the lock locks the door handle and latches the door completely.