Open yourself to space

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In modern homes, the terrace is the most attractive place to spend free time, relax, meet people or do other things. The terrace is therefore a harmonious extension of our home zone, which opens to open space and allows for more freedom and contact with nature. The choice of a particular solution and options should be matched to the lifestyle of the inhabitants. A terrace is an investment, therefore the quality and choice of accessories should be at the highest level.

Aluminium systems are ideal for sliding solutions that can be used in the design of terraces, balconies, passages between rooms, or the division of space without losing access to natural light. Thanks to its parameters and strength, aluminium joinery allows you to create large and stable solutions that open space for light and innovation in design.

Constructions tailored to your needs - from slim and light, to massive with increased security parameters.
Monoblock structures mounted in the insulation layer inside the rooms (in the Modern Slide system).
Increased thermal properties.
Low threshold option in HS solutions with one sliding sash.
The possibility of installing the door frame in the floor.
Manual and automatic closing solutions.
A wide range of glazing (one, two-chamber panes).
A wide range of colours - RAL palette.
Available systems enable the design of sliding (S), tilt and slide (HKS) and premium lift and slide structures (HS).
Drzwi tarasowe z aluminium

The possibility of using an opening corner (after sliding the movable leaves apart, there is no vertical post in the corner).

Niski próg w drzwiach tarasowych z aluminium

When you want to get rid of any barriers.

The low threshold profile provides comfort in the use of lift and slide structures (HS).