HKS is an ideal alternative for traditional balcony and terrace doors. The opening system „tilt or slide” makes that the doors do not occupy space in room, because they move in parallel to the window.

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HKS sliding doors are very well known systems, such as T-Passive Classic, T-Passive Plus, T-Passive Forte In, T-Energy, T-Comfort. You can choose each of them as HKS tilt-slide terrace doors. Thanks to this, you can adjust the whole window joinery to the system you need in your home!
Each of our systems ensures high thermal insulation which reduces heat loss in winter and does not allow the rooms to heat up excessively in summer.

To ensure a perfect match to your needs, sliding doors are available in two variants:

HKS- Manu Economic HKS-Manu sliding doors allow to create optimal climate at home thanks to the ventilation function in tilt position. Closing the door requires subtle manual pressing the sash and turning the handle.

HKS- Auto Door giving exceptional operating comfort. By turning the handle, you can automatically tilt or turn the sash – without manual pressing.

Tilt-slide door system
Doors available in two variants: HKS- Manu, HKS- Auto,
Perfect thermal insulation properties
Available in systems T- Comfort, T- Passive Classic, T- Passive Plus, T- Passive Forte In, T- Energy
Manufactured in Titanium Technology, guaranteeing stability and rigidity of product
High quality materials - 100% PVC profiles without any lead admixtures
Profile resistance to extreme climatic conditions and negative impact of solar radiation, confirmed by the S-class certificate