Woodec turner oak malt
Sheffield oak light
Coal Grey Structural
Coal Grey Structural
Coal Grey Smooth
Coal Grey Smooth
Crystal White
Crystal White
Cream White
Cream White
Vintage Pine
Polish Pine
Quartz Grey
Quartz Grey
Charcoal Brown
Charcoal Brown
Brown Oak
Norman Oak
Stripe Pine
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Woodec Turner Oak Toffee
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Carbone Oak
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Asteroid Basalt
Solar Oak
Black Smooth
Black Smooth
Strzałka Strzałka

Light exit to the terrace

PremiLine is a modern parallel-sliding patio door, designed for Clients who require perfect construction and original design. They are characterized by smooth and quiet operation on running rails, and the modern look is provided by an exceptionally slim design and a double fold of the visible surface of the sash. The parallel-sliding door opening mechanism, thanks to space-saving design, allows the free arrangement of the interior.

  • Straight edges

  • Subtle appearance

The construction of PremiLine patio doors, thanks to their high stability, ensures simple and comfortable operation. Due to the use of integrated brush seals in patio doors, they are dedicated to installation in buildings in countries with a light climate.
It is possible to manufacture PremiLine patio doors on a renovation frame.

Patio door dimensions: frame depth – 80 mm (optionally narrowed to 70 mm), folding height – 137 mm.
PVC threshold height: 61 mm. Possible to produce patio doors with a low aluminum threshold of 20 mm.
3-chamber profile design.
Patio doors are also available with a renovation frame with a fin height of 40 mm.
It is possible to make a construction with a double-sided handle with a lock.
Possibility to choose a variant of patio door opening according to the schemes: A, C, D.
Patio doors have an aesthetic, almost invisible weld.