T- Slide

Rozwiązanie tarasowe T- Slide
biała okleina
Crystal white
Cream White
Cream white
Polish Pine
Polish pine
Quartz Grey
Quartz grey
Charcoal Brown
Charcoal brown
Brown Oak
Smoked oak
Smoked Oak
Brown oak
Norman Oak
Stripe Pine
Stripe pine
Dark green
Stucco Oak
Pale grey
Pale grey
Frost Grey
Frost Grey
Southern Oak
Silver Light
Silver Cloud
Silver Cloud
Strzałka Strzałka

The T-Slide system is an innovative terrace solution that blurs the border between the exit to the terrace and the interior of the house. Thanks to modern design, innovative architectural solutions and great technical parameters, it will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. It is a perfect complement to industrial lofts, apartments equipped with a spacious terrace and single-family homes.

Minimalism at its best. T-Slide is a simple geometric shape and an elegant steel handle, which is the only visible element of the fitting. The highest level of aesthetics is ensured by the technology of invisible seams.

  • Angular geometry
  • Minimalist construction
  • Invisible seams

The PVC window joinery has better thermal properties than the aluminum constructions so we decided to combine these two materials using the aluminum overlays. T-Slide with an aluminum overlay is a perfect combination because we can enjoy the high thermal protection combined with the modern design.

Drzwi tarasowe T-Slide Budvar Centrum
quiet and comfortable door operation thanks to a bolt with support
the possibility of using the Silent Close system that guarantees the cushioning of leaf closing
two threshold heights available, including a completely flat one - ensuring maximum comfort and safety
high quality materials - 100% PVC profiles without any lead additions
manufactured using the Titatium Technology, guaranteeing durability and stiffness of the product
additional stability and durability of the structure ensured by walls reinforced with aluminium profiles
high thermal parameters through the use of a multi-seal system
resistance of the profiles to extreme climatic conditions and the negative impact of solar radiation confirmed by a certificate for the S class