Rozwiązanie tarasowe T- Slide
biała okleina
Crystal white
Cream White
Cream white
Polish Pine
Polish pine
Quartz Grey
Quartz grey
Charcoal Brown
Charcoal brown
Brown Oak
Smoked oak
Smoked Oak
Brown oak
Norman Oak
Stripe Pine
Stripe pine
Dark green
Stucco Oak
Pale grey
Pale grey
Frost Grey
Frost Grey
Southern Oak
Silver Light
Silver Cloud
Silver Cloud
Strzałka Strzałka

Opens up space

T-Slide is an innovative take on patio doors, making the line between the interior of the house and the terrace exit blurred.
With modern design, innovative architectural solutions, and excellent technical parameters, our patio doors meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.
T-Slide lift and slide patio doors are the perfect complements to industrial lofts, single-family detached houses, and apartments equipped with a spacious terrace.
Minimalism at its best. T-Slide is a simple, geometric patio door shape with an elegant steel handle that is the only visible piece of hardware. The highest level of aesthetics is ensured by invisible weld technology.

  • Straight edges
  • Minimalistic design
  • Invisible welds

T-Slide patio doors can be fitted with an aluminum cover at the manufacturing stage, available in all RAL colors. An additional aluminum overlay welded to the frame provides greater rigidity to the structure, protects the proper patio doors from external weather conditions, and gives them a modern and unique look. The versatility of these patio doors is added by the fact that the T-Slide profile allows for the construction of exceptionally large structures, up to 6.5 meters wide.

Patio door dimensions: frame depth – 182 mm, folding height – 179 mm.
Threshold height 50 mm, with the possibility to adjust the height to the floor level.
Possible to produce patio doors with a low aluminum threshold of 24 mm.
Multi-chamber profile design.
Multi-gasket sealing system.
For large structures with a sash weight of more than 200 kg, a power-assisted system is selected to ensure the comfort of the patio door.
Possibility of using the Best Close system, which guarantees to cushion off the closing patio door sash.
Concealed top guide rail.
It is possible to make patio door construction with a double-sided handle with a lock.
Possibility of using an aluminum cover.
Possibility to choose a variant of patio door opening according to the schemes: A, A+Fx, C, K.
Manufactured using our proprietary Titanium Technology, which guarantees the durability and rigidity of the product.
Resistance of profiles to extreme climatic conditions and negative influence of solar radiation confirmed by class S certificate.
Out of concern for ecology, PVC profiles do not contain admixtures of lead, cadmium, and other heavy metal compounds.
Patio doors have an aesthetic, almost invisible weld.