HKS is a perfect alternative to traditional balcony and terrace doors. Thanks to the “open and slide” opening system, they do not take up space in the room, because they move parallel to the window plane.

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To meet the preferences of all users, the doors are available in three variants:
HKS- Manu– The economical HKS-Manu sliding doors allow you to create the optimum climate in your home thanks to the ventilation in the tilted position. Closing the door requires you to gently push the sash and turn the handle.
HKS- Auto– A door that provides exceptional comfort of use. By turning the handle, you can automatically open or close the sash – without the need to press it with your hand. In addition, when closing the door from the outside with a single hand movement, we can close the leaf tightly.

HKS- Vent– Instead of tilting, the door is equipped with a micro-ventilation system that is not visible from the outside, thanks to which they always look closed. Turning the handle to the vertical position causes the whole sash to securely move away from the frame. This allows ventilation even in the absence of household members, as steel catches secure the door against burglars.

Available in a wide range of colours, including ones that perfectly match the wood structure. The highest level of aesthetics is ensured by the technology of invisible seams.

Tilting and slide door system.
Available in three variants: HKS- Manu, HKS- Auto, HKS- Vent.
Excellent thermal insulation properties.
Available in systems: T-Comfort, T-Modern, T-Passive Slim, T-Passive Classic, T-Passive Plus, T-Passive Forte In, T-Energy.
Manufactured using the Titatium Technology, guaranteeing durability and stiffness of the product.
High quality materials - 100% PVC profiles without any lead additions.
Resistance of the profiles to extreme climatic conditions and the negative impact of solar radiation confirmed by a certificate for the S class.