Your door, Your world.
Romantic retro decorations straight from the streets of Strasbourg, or Scandinavian simplicity and austerity? Select entrance door that best suits your world.

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Aluminium entrance doors
The most sustainable and safe solution which will become the showcase of your house for years. Aluminium doors are characterized by exceptional stiffness, stability and resistance to weather conditions. Additionally, light-weight aluminium structure makes daily use of door more comfortable.

The safest door for house

Entrance door is a distinctive showcase of our house space, and most of all a guardian of security and daily comfort. Proper selection of door must include exceptional quality, strength and workmanship with use of solid materials. That’s why we create our doors based on high-quality aluminium materials and solutions that will protect what is important for you. Budvar aluminium doors provide three-point security of your house against burglary in protection RC2 class.

Perfectly matched look

Your entrance door must match other elements of your house façade perfectly, both in terms of style and colour. For that reason we developed a wide range of colours, with which your door will remain in harmony with the whole building. Feel free to choose from the full RAL and wood-like colour palette.

Enchant for years

Snow, rain, wind, sun… Budvar aluminium doors are suitable for use in any conditions. With high resistance to the difference in temperature and variable weather conditions, your aluminium door will not lose its properties over the years, and you would be pleased with its attractive look when crossing the threshold of your house.